GRC is one the most versatile building materials in the twentieth century and has been redefining the aesthetics of modern construction worldwide. GRC is a family of high performance cement based composites reinforced with special alkali resistant glass fibers which suits a wide range of applications in varied thicknesses.

Light weight material reduces loads on structures and allows design of thin, light weight cladding elements.
Easy to handle, transport and install enabling rapid construction and provides a turn-key solution.
Excellent for reproduction & renovation. Enables thermal and acoustic properties to be upgraded.
Environmentally friendly.
Easily moulded to reproduce shapes, details and textures offering unrivalled flexibility.
Improves aesthetics & preserves historic features for buildings and structures.
Ensures consistent and appealing finishes.
Disperses or Absorbs sound.
Low resistance to water flow.
Resistant to fire, corrosion, cracks and impacts.
Long lasting and Durable even in extreme weather conditions.